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Episode 002 - Never Give Up On Your Dreams

With host Diana Boley

Episode 002 - Never Give Up On Your Dreams - Mama's Living Happy Podcast - with host Diana Boley

I feel like this podcast has been directed by God. The Lord asks us to do hard things! 

Almost 6 years ago I wanted to start a blog. I wanted to have a place where moms could come to and feel inspired and feel uplifted. To know that it's okay to have life be as crazy as it is. And in that crazy life, we can still smile be happy from it.

In August 2019, I was talking to a friend. She said, “Diana, you should start a podcast.” Yes! This podcast has been in my mind for over 5 years! 

One day, I had an experience that made me so happy, so joyful. More joyful than I have felt in a long time. 

I felt God smiling down on me that day.

I felt him tell me that all moms should feel this happy. We should all feel this joy. Then it hit me. I needed the name of my website and podcast to Mamas Living Happy. 

Mamas, keep holding on to your goals. Hold on to your dreams! I know how it is to be in the thick of babies and toddlers and to lose yourself in motherhood. There is hope! 

You may have ever felt that you wanted to do something more. Maybe you were like me, and you wanted to share your message, but didn’t know how where to start. If that is you, please contact me. I’ve found a community of amazing people who are walking me through this every step of the way and I love it!  

Thanks for listening today. Please, share this with a mama who might need to be uplifted today. 

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