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Episode 004 Finding The Light In Your Life -

Guest Tiffany Fletcher

With host Diana Boley

Finding The Light in your life- Mama's Living Happy Podcast - with host Diana Boley and guest Tiffany Fletcher

A darkened lighthouse never rescued anyone.

Today my guest Tiffany Fletcher is talking to us about how to find the light in your life. She shares about her childhood and growing up in an abusive home. She talks about the darkness she had as a child. Later in the episode, she teaches us how to find the light in the darkness of our own lives. 

We are living in a world where darkness is very persistent and we need to find the light in our lives.

Tiffany and I talk about lighthouses. Lighthouses are each unique. The pattern the different so you can know what lighthouse you are coming towards. Even the lenses are different. 

Tiffany talks about ways we can dispel the darkness. We can do this through things like prayer. Prayer is one of the greatest forms of light that you can have in your life. She reminds us to pray for our enemies so the God can soften their hearts. 

Tiffany also talks about other ways to bring light into our lives. Things like singing hymns and praises to God, speaking kind things to others, doing service, attending church, communing with the Lord, and journaling about the things in your life.

She reminds us to be patient in the process. God loves us and he is there for us. He is doing all he can to help us get through the darkness. 

Tiffany gives advice for someone going through something hard, like she was in her childhood. Her advice was to find someone you can trust and allow them to help you in your life. The more we share, the more we realize we are all going through stuff. And we are not alone.

If you are struggling and wondering if God is there, pray, read scripture, and sing a hymn. The more you do it, the more you will recognize God is there.

Mamas- You are built for the storms and to give hope. Fill yourself with light so you can go out and rescue others from the darkness. As we invite the Savior into our lives, we will be able to overcome the adversary because he is the light and life of the world. 

Please, share this podcast with a mama who might be going through something hard right now. Together, we can bring hope and light to the world. 

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